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    I have been looking into this problem for about a week. I get this error when I’m trying to impersonate an account “server1mom” with mailbox “server1mom” with the account account “Mailaccess”. This is part of the MOM exchange managment pack that sends emails back and fourth between servers to test mail flow

    I have set all the security for impersonating an account and this process works on my other 2 exchange servers.

    – This is exchange 2003 sp1 running on server 2003 sp1
    – What might be pertinant is this WAS the ADC server, but the migration is done and ADC is no longer running, we are in native mode for both AD and Exchange.
    – I can logon using outlook to all 3 mailboxes using the impersonater mailaccess account and it all works great, it’s just when MOM tries to login to this one server. The mom service is running as local system.
    – I have been down the twisted CDO, WMI path and I’m pretty sure all the versions are right for CDO, WMI and MAPI, at least they match the other 2 exchange servers.

    Here is the *&%*&^%!! error message

    Cannot verify availability of the following test account:
    Exchange Server:”server1″
    MDB:”First Storage GroupMailbox Store (server1)”
    due to the following error
    Error ID: 0x800406F8(-2147219720)
    Error text: [Collaboration Data Objects – [MAPI_E_VERSION(80040110)]]

    Any suggestions would be appreciated!

    P.S. What nobody has a clue?

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