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    According to Document 40367 I’m trying to get the MAC address connected to a specified port.

    The first stage was:
    snmpwalk -Os -c public -v 2c .

    But the response was:
    mib- = No Such Instance currently exists at this OID

    The switch details are:

    Switch#show version[FONT=Courier New (Hebrew)][FONT=Courier New (Hebrew)]
    [/FONT]Cisco Internetwork Operating System Software[FONT=Courier New (Hebrew)][FONT=Courier New (Hebrew)]
    [/FONT]IOS ™ C2950 Software (C2950-I6Q4L2-M), Version 12.1(22)EA4, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1[FONT=Courier New (Hebrew)][FONT=Courier New (Hebrew)])
    [/FONT]Copyright (c) 1986-2005 by cisco Systems, Inc[FONT=Courier New (Hebrew)][FONT=Courier New (Hebrew)].
    [/FONT]Compiled Wed 23-Mar-05 15:33 by yenanh
    Image text-base: 0x80010000, data-base: 0x80562000
    [FONT=Courier New (Hebrew)][FONT=Courier New (Hebrew)][/FONT][/FONT]ROM: Bootstrap program is C2950 boot loader
    [FONT=Courier New (Hebrew)][FONT=Courier New (Hebrew)][/FONT][/FONT]Switch uptime is 17 hours, 52 minutes
    System returned to ROM by power-on
    System image file is “flash:/c2950-i6q4l2-mz.121-22.EA4.bin
    [FONT=Courier New (Hebrew)][FONT=Courier New (Hebrew)]
    [/FONT]cisco WS-C2950G-24-EI (RC32300) processor (revision L0) with 21039K bytes of memory[FONT=Courier New (Hebrew)][FONT=Courier New (Hebrew)].
    [/FONT]Processor board ID FOC0931Z7VL
    Last reset from system-reset
    Running Enhanced Image
    [FONT=Courier New (Hebrew)][FONT=Courier New (Hebrew)]24 [/FONT][/FONT]FastEthernet/IEEE 802.3 interface(s[FONT=Courier New (Hebrew)][FONT=Courier New (Hebrew)])
    [/FONT]Gigabit Ethernet/IEEE 802.3 interface(s[FONT=Courier New (Hebrew)][FONT=Courier New (Hebrew)])
    [/FONT]K bytes of flash-simulated non-volatile configuration memory[FONT=Courier New (Hebrew)][FONT=Courier New (Hebrew)].
    [/FONT]Base ethernet MAC Address: 00:14:A9:E0:3C:80
    Motherboard assembly number: 73-7280-05
    Power supply part number: 34-0965-01
    Motherboard serial number: FOC09312RKC
    Power supply serial number: DAB0924BFK2
    Model revision number: L0
    Motherboard revision number: A0
    Model number: WS-C2950G-24-EI
    System serial number: FOC0931Z7VL
    Configuration register is 0xF

    SNMP is enabled in this switch:
    Switch#show snmp
    Chassis: FOC0931Z7VL
    [FONT=Courier New (Hebrew)][FONT=Courier New (Hebrew)]25161 [/FONT][/FONT]SNMP packets input
    [FONT=Courier New (Hebrew)][FONT=Courier New (Hebrew)]0 [/FONT][/FONT]Bad SNMP version errors
    [FONT=Courier New (Hebrew)][FONT=Courier New (Hebrew)]0 [/FONT][/FONT]Unknown community name
    [FONT=Courier New (Hebrew)][FONT=Courier New (Hebrew)]0 [/FONT][/FONT]Illegal operation for community name supplied
    [FONT=Courier New (Hebrew)][FONT=Courier New (Hebrew)]0 [/FONT][/FONT]Encoding errors
    [FONT=Courier New (Hebrew)][FONT=Courier New (Hebrew)]25146 [/FONT][/FONT]Number of requested variables
    [FONT=Courier New (Hebrew)][FONT=Courier New (Hebrew)]0 [/FONT][/FONT]Number of altered variables
    [FONT=Courier New (Hebrew)][FONT=Courier New (Hebrew)]13 [/FONT][/FONT]Get-request PDUs
    [FONT=Courier New (Hebrew)][FONT=Courier New (Hebrew)]25139 [/FONT][/FONT]Get-next PDUs
    [FONT=Courier New (Hebrew)][FONT=Courier New (Hebrew)]0 [/FONT][/FONT]Set-request PDUs
    [FONT=Courier New (Hebrew)][FONT=Courier New (Hebrew)]25161 [/FONT][/FONT]SNMP packets output
    [FONT=Courier New (Hebrew)][FONT=Courier New (Hebrew)]0 [/FONT][/FONT]Too big errors (Maximum packet size 1500[FONT=Courier New (Hebrew)][FONT=Courier New (Hebrew)])
    [/FONT]No such name errors
    [FONT=Courier New (Hebrew)][FONT=Courier New (Hebrew)]0 [/FONT][/FONT]Bad values errors
    [FONT=Courier New (Hebrew)][FONT=Courier New (Hebrew)]0 [/FONT][/FONT]General errors
    [FONT=Courier New (Hebrew)][FONT=Courier New (Hebrew)]25152 [/FONT][/FONT]Response PDUs
    [FONT=Courier New (Hebrew)][FONT=Courier New (Hebrew)]0 [/FONT][/FONT]Trap PDUs
    SNMP global trap: disabled
    [FONT=Courier New (Hebrew)][FONT=Courier New (Hebrew)][/FONT][/FONT]SNMP logging: disabled
    SNMP agent enabled

    What is the reason the OID is not responding ?


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