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    Dear Members,

    Maybe someone could give me some advise as i feel like banging my head against a brick wall. My first ever IT position i thoroughly enjoyed as IT/Technican system admin in the UK which i did for 4 years.

    I then moved to Brussels where i landed a position as a support technician which i thought was an interesting postion, it ended up being helpdesk which i did for approximately 18 months.

    I then landed a position with another company as Data admin which was low level mixture of windows share accesses mainframe basically still helpdesk desk functions user creations high volume of phone calls, during this time i tried to start an MCSE training for XP/2K3 (still on xp after 2 years which is embarassing). I suffered depression due to volume of work and the constant pressure i put myself under in studying the MCSE.

    i returned back to work after my 3 weeks off with depression my boss wanted to have a discussion with me which was all positive whom stated to me that i was taking on too much and proposed to move me to a 2nd line security team, i wasnt really interested as i purely wanted a position which gave me hands on with windows servers but i thought this would be better than what im doing.

    When i started this new position i was was promised that i would be involved in projects as well as performing operational functions. The projects in the 1st year in my role was not that interesting, Now ive been in this role for over 1 year and im constantly doing operational tasks.

    I would like to get back into system administration within Brussels, the stuff that i have been learning during the 70-270 i am starting to forget what ive learned and feel like my career is falling apart. I feel annoyed frsutrated and depressed what should i do to overcome this? I feel like quitting my job.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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