Can’t give Domain Local accounts permissions.

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    I posted this in the Server 2003 forum, perhaps I should have posted it here to start off.

    At the moment we are running Novell 5 but have a functioning 2003 Domain that we will be switching to in the future.
    At the moment we have 2 pizza box HP’s clustered and attached to a NAS storage array. The Cluster runs Exchange and file sharing. Our ADDC is running on an older IBM box that used to be one of our Novell servers.

    To the piont. I can’t assign Domain Local groups permissions in my file structure.

    AD is running in 2000 Mixed mode(even though all our servers are 2003).

    Do I need to have AD running at a higher functional level to use Domain Local groups for assigning permissions to resources?

    Just to clarify Exchange and AD are functioning but not in use. They were set up by a consultant before I was hired here. All the file shareing and Email is still handled by the Novell box.

    Please let me know if there’s any more information you need.

    Any help is appreciated, thank you.


    To reiterate, when I go into the security settings for a directory and try to assign a Domain Local group it will not let me. Domain Local groups do not even show up in the list off things that can be assigned permissions. <---- Does that clear it up a bit better?

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