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    We have an IBM server running RAID 1 on the OS drives. One drive failed, and the other is starting to fail. The problem is that after replacing the failed drive with a new one, the drives continue resyncing. They were at 100% yesterday, but before I could pull the bad one, the array started to resync. It takes a full day to resync, and I’m not sure how long it goes before the system decides to resync. Yesterday was the first time I saw it complete. I figured all the data is on the good drive given the sync completed once for certain, but I’m not sure what happens during the resync if the previously sync’ed data is destroyed. If I pull the drive that is going bad, will the server take a nose dive and have to be rebuilt?

    Looking back, I wish I had set the drive that was failing to defunct immediately. If this round completes successfully, I’ll do this tomorrow morning. I need to do something quickly, and unforunately the backup software (both Windows and Paragon) fail because of the drive errors.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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