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    I am relatively new to Server 2003 and and trying to teach myself active directory and group policy. I have 2 pc’s set up:

    The server is running windows server 2003 and is setup as a domain controller.
    The client pc is running WinXP pro sp2 and is a member of the domain.

    I created a user account in a new OU I made, and linked a new GPO to it. The only group policy change I made was to remove add/remove programs from the control panel.
    When I log into the server machine with the new user account I made, the group policy works fine and add/remove programs is gone.
    When I log into the client PC as the same user onto the domain (I’m not logging into “this computer”), add remove programs is there. The group policy is not working at all it seems.

    I have the two pc’s networked by a linksys wireless/4 port router. I’m wondering if there could be a firewall issue blocking the GP from being applied to the client PC? Or is there something I am missing that I need to set up on the client or server? Any advice would be appreciated.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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