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    Hello everyone,

    After watching a very nice demo of IIS 7.0 on Vista this Monday I’ve decided it’s time to try it for myself.
    I downloaded and installed Beta 2 from Microsoft’s site and had some fun with the new interface and all.
    Got to work today and joined my laptop running Vista to our domain, apart from the fact that my profile didn’t load up and some other minor issues, I’ve found out that I can’t access the internet, I can ping google, but can’t surf there.
    I should add the our intranet sites were working fine, but every “outside” site was “dead”.
    This only happens when I’m connected through the domain, as I had no trouble at home and using a dedicated ADSL line at work.
    I’ve triple checked the IP settings (tried both DHCP and manual) but nothing helped.
    Has anyone encountered this problem and has a solution?
    Could it be that our firewall doesn’t like Vista?

    Thanks in advance,


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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