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    Hi Guys !

    My query regards my inability to view Wireless Connections….I have a HP laptop that came with XP SP1a, it like most laptops has a Wi-Fi card.

    I had the NetGear router all connected and for the 6 months had no problem seeing that connection or indeed any ‘local’ network connections.

    I decided to upgrade to Service Pack 2 for security reasons, and since that time have been unable to view any wireless connections……I’ve asked round many forums and no one has come up with the answer, though apparently its not uncommon when you install SP2.

    I’ve clean reinstalled XP but only back to SP1a and I can now view Wireless Network Connections again…….I would like the latest security patches from Microsoft but also to view my connections.

    The problem must be related to SP2 but which patch/s is causing the trouble .

    Any ideas ?

    TIA :-)


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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