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Cannot remove domain in hybrid tenant

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  • James Haynes

    ok, i have gotten myself into a pickle. i cant figure this out and i have worked with m$ help (basic support) to no avail… here is the backstory.

    new client has failing SBS2011 server running Exchange 2010. i got it prepared to do a hybrid migration, got things setup and had nothing but problems. i had to update to SP3 to get the thing to install the hybrid agent, after many SP installs reboots, i was able to install.

    i prepared everything just like i have done a hundred times, but something failed or didnt complete, so i have a half working scenario. there are 3rd party app in use and these are messing up IIS a little so owa/anywhere is hosed. i cannot get the dirsyn to properly fix names and changes i make are not working correctly.

    so i have their domain verified. it is in the 365 tenant, it shows as setup in progress. but here is where things get crappy… so this server ihas essentially failed. i have another server to replicate the AD stuff to, but its not an exchange server, so i am not concerned with that..

    so long story long, all the accounts in 365 are tied to the hybrid deployment and i cannot edit or delete them via the portal. so i am trying to remove the domain altogether and just pretend like the sync never happened. i tried to create a new tenant and add the domain, but its in use in the broken trial tenant so i cant add it. to remove the users so i can delete the domain, it says i have to do it thru AD on-prem… but that cannot happen. i have added another not in use domain and moved all the users in the portal to the new domain, so they were [email protected] added and now all users have [email protected], but i still cannot delete.

    so how do i break the syn relatioship on the server or the 365 portal so that i can get this migration done today? why cant microsoft just delete the tenant? i have tried to use powershell but it says i still have uses in the domain and i cant move it till they are gone, delte them from AD…

    so basically i want to either delete the sync from the failing server so i can manually import a CSV of users independent from AD or delete the tenant and use the new trial…

    any ideas? plenty of experience and papers on setting up a hybrid, but nothing on how to stop it.

    thanks in advance guys.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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