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    I have one particular server which I cannot ping one device on a different networkdomain. However, I can ping another device of the same structure and on the same remote domain fine from this server.
    The device which I cannot ping form this particular server can be pinged from other servers successfully. THese servers are in the same
    subnetmask as the one which I cannot ping from. Same hardware, same NIC, same configuration and accoridng to the network engineers they can’t see any problems.
    When I ping it routes to the default gateway (same as the other servers) and just times out. There are no duplicate IP’s on the network. IP is astatically assigned. I’ve run wireshark but cannot get anything out of it. I also tried network monitor, nothing obvious. What else can I try from a server perspective apart from trying to give it a new ip, patching to a different port on the switch, changing network etc? That would be last resort. :)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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