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    When I try to join an XP Pro workstation to the domain, I type in the domain name copley.local and I receive the usual challenge to enter the username and password to join the PC to the domain. So far so good. After typing in the domain Administrator’s credentials, I get the error “The format of the specified domain name is invalid.”

    I have tried just the word copley on it’s own as the name of the domain to join but then I get an error saying that domain can’t be found. So that is what I expect.

    References on the Microsoft site all refer to domain names having to be 15 characters or shorter, which this one is. Other sites suggest editing registry keys whose paths do not exist on the XP Pro workstation.

    The XP Pro workstation is a laptop trying to join a Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition computer, on which there are already several happy users who joined the domain easily when the whole thing was set up 6 months ago. It’s a small company with only 12 users so far.

    Any help is much appreciated.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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