Cannot get network connection to work on Win2k8 VM over Hyper-v

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    Hi All,

    Here is the picture.

    Hyper-v is installed on Sun Blade. The Blade has 4 network cards installed in it.

    Management station is a windows vista station.

    I have installed Hyper-V manager on management station and created a Virtual Machine over Hyper-V.

    Installed Windows Server 2008 Enterprise on VM.

    after installation, mouse was not working. so i installed system integration components via hyper-v manager.

    i have also created virtual networks external , internal and private. i have bound external connection to a physical NIC on hyper-v.

    now, the problem is that the network connection in Windows 2008 is not working. it says network cable is unplugged . whereas, all 4 NICs in blade are connected to network, their status is up and result of ipconfig in hyper-v shows that all 4 NICs have ip addresses. all pings work aswell.

    now i know the problem is about communication between Win2k8 VM and Hyper-v virtual switch. i just dont know what it is :p

    any body has any ideas?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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