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    I have a domain GPO called “user.printer[mlb].Printermappings” which uses GPP to map printers to specific users.

    I have setup a test OU with a test user with a test Win7 workstation. The GPO is applied to the “TEST_OU” and security filtering set to members of the AD group “lPrn.Printer1.Print”. The test user is in the group “lPrn.Printer1.Print”.

    This setup works gr8. My problem starts when I setup multiple printers in this GPO and setup Item Level Targeting on each one. For example, I changed the GPO in this way:

    * Select Printer1 properties.

    * On the Common tab, check Item-level targeting. Click the Targeting button.

    * Click New ItemSecurity Group.

    * In the Group textbox, I put in the AD group “lPrn.Printer1.Print” (w/o the quotes).

    * Radio button “User in group” is selected.

    * OKOK to close the GPO.

    In theory (my theory that is), Printer1 should map to only users in the security group “lPrn.Printer1.Print”.

    In testing, before modifying the GPO (that is, the GPO would map the Printer1 to all users of the OU and group “lPrn.Printer1.Print”, the printer maps OK. Once I modified the GPO to include Item-level targeting, the printer no longer maps to the users in that OU who are in that group.

    The reason I am modifying the GPO and using Item-level targeting is that I intend to add ALL printers to this GPO and use the security group membership as the deciding factor as to who gets the printer mapped to their workstation.

    Thanks for helping!

    PS. Server with GPO editor is Win2008 Stnd Sp1 on a Win2K3 domain. Workstations are Win7 Enterprise.

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