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    8 Days Later!!!
    I have read all the sites and forums troubleshooting on exactly what is happening to me but I have found no real solution. I know the problem. I just can’t get it setup correctly!!
    Exchange needs IVP6. I get through all the pre-requirements and requirements and domain prep… failure after failure and I know it is IPV6.

    I am a comcast customer and they automatically provision IPV6 through to their compliant routers even if you don’t want it. There is no way on my router to turn it off so my computers get an IPV6 address from comcast whether I want it or not.
    I can enable IPV6 on a DC and a proposed exchange server 2016 computer (Windows 2016) but it get a preferred IPV6 from comcast.
    Even if I “”try to make static”” IP using a conversion web page for the static IPV6 values and they register as link-local they are ignored by DC and AD.
    Both the DC and the Exchange windows 2016 are Hyper-V VMs.

    Has anyone on this planet been successful getting Exchange 2016 installed on Windows Server 2016 with DC and Exchange server as Hyper-V clients and Comcast and IPV6?
    Begging for help


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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