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    I have a Windows cluster of 2 host servers running SQL with a 1.2TB data LUN presented to them from an EMC VNX5300 SAN partitioned as Basic. The drive has been filling up and I have been asked to expand the drive so I expanded the LUN on tHE SAN to 2050GB and when I went back to the server I was expecting to find the drive with 848GB of free space to extend the partition via Disk Manager.

    Instead, the drive had not changed and there was no free space to extend the partition. I have rebooted the servers, failed them over many times, updated Disk Manager all with no avail.

    I then created a clone of the drive using the EMC VNX Clone feature, and presented the drive to another server. Instantly the drive was shown as a 1.2TB partition with an 848GB unallocated partition plus a 2GB unallocated partition. I was thus able to extend the 1.2TB data partition to 2048GB with the 2GB unallocated partition still there- obviously due to the 2TB partitioning limitation of Basic drives.

    Is there anyway I can extend the drive from the original server(s) or do I have to clone it (for backup purposes), present it to another server, extend the partition then persent it back to the original servers? I find this a large risk although I am confident it will work- but MS Clusters have always been problematic.

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