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    In our environment, we use Exchange 2007 and our end users utilize Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, OWA and ActiveSync with smart phones to access email.

    We are experiencing an issue with remote users that are using Outlook Anywhere. Around the time that the user is reminded by AD that his/her password will expire within X amount of days, the user will no longer be able to connect with Outlook Anywhere even though his/her password has not actually expired. This occurs whether the user’s computer is part of our AD domain or not. Some of our users have laptops that are in a workgroup and connect with Outlook Anywhere. Some of our users have laptops that are part of our AD domain and connect with Outlook Anywhere when outside of the office.

    When the user tries to connect during this window, the user will be prompted for credentials and Outlook Anywhere will show that it is trying to connect, but never connects. No errors, it just never completes the connection.

    If a user with a laptop that is part of the domain then connects to our VPN, Outlook will connect just fine. No VPN, cannot connect. VPN, can connect.

    If either of these types of users, domain or workgroup, connects via OWA, the user is notified that the password will expire in X amount of days. If the user changes the password, the user will then be able to connect via Outlook Anywhere with no problems.

    I can understand why an Outlook Anywhere user would not be able to connect if the password has already expired, but we cannot figure out why this would create a problem if the password has not yet expired, but AD is just prompting the user that the password will need to be changed soon.

    In some cases, we have seen this behavior with smart phones using ActiveSync. Once the password is changed, the smart phone is able to connect again.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

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