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    These are the requirements I need for my batch files on Windows XP:

    I want a script running at startup that mounts 4 images for younger kids.
    I want a script on the desktop that dismounts those 4 and mounts up 4 older kids games
    I also want to be able to click a desktop icon to put the younger kids games back up if I click on it
    I want it to mount the images without it autorunning the CD too (that means that when the images are mounted to DAEMON Tools Pro or Lite, the games won’t start up automatically)

    I want to do this to 3 computers. One computer runs DAEMON Tools Pro Standard and the other two run DAEMON Tools Lite. I have batch files created that mounts the games but I need some help completing all of those steps above properly. Can the community help me please?

    Batch file from PC with DAEMON Tools Pro Standard:

    DTAgent.exe -unmount 0
    DTAgent.exe -unmount 1
    DTAgent.exe -unmount 2
    DTAgent.exe -unmount 3
    DTAgent.exe -unmount 4
    DTAgent.exe -unmount 5
    DTAgent.exe -mount 0,”d:gamesbyskateboard.nrg”
    DTAgent.exe -mount 1,”d:gamesbysoccer.nrg”
    DTAgent.exe -mount 2,”d:gamesScooby-DooFPP.nrg”
    DTAgent.exe -mount 3,”d:gamesOddParents.iso”
    DTAgent.exe -mount 4,”d:gamesBuzz2G.iso”
    DTAgent.exe -mount 5,”d:gamesRAT2.iso”

    Batch file from a PC with DAEMON Tools Lite:
    dtlite.exe -unmount 0
    dtlite.exe -unmount 1
    dtlite.exe -unmount 2
    dtlite.exe -unmount 3
    dtlite.exe -mount 0,”d:gamesbyskateboard.nrg”
    dtlite.exe -mount 1,”d:gamesbysoccer.nrg”
    dtlite.exe -mount 2,”d:gamesScooby-DooFPP.nrg”
    dtlite.exe -mount 3,”d:gameschutesnladders.iso”

    Batch file from another PC that has DAEMON Tools Lite:

    c:progra~1daemon~1dtlite.exe -unmount 0
    c:progra~1daemon~1dtlite.exe -unmount 1
    c:progra~1daemon~1dtlite.exe -unmount 2
    c:progra~1daemon~1dtlite.exe -unmount 3
    rem c:progra~1daemon~1dtlite.exe -mount 0,”d:gamesCat in the Hat.nrg”
    c:progra~1daemon~1dtlite.exe -mount 1,”d:gamesFreddie Fish 1.nrg”
    c:progra~1daemon~1dtlite.exe -mount 2,”d:gamesMiss Spiders Tea Party.nrg”
    c:progra~1daemon~1dtlite.exe -mount 3,”d:gamesZoombinis Mountain Rescue.nrg”

    I don’t need actual game titles for any new and updated batch files, I just need examples that have .iso, .nrg, or other file formats and I can replace those myself with the actual games.

    All three machines run Windows XP. If there is anything else anybody wants to know, please ask. Thank you so much ^_^

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