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    I have 2 locations, both have 2 dell 2724 switches unmanaged, and 2 dell N2024 3 layer switches. Both N2024 switches are set up identical except the one I am having a problem with(Location 2),

    Location 2 connected to SAN
    Only difference between location 2 and 1 is I have a ASA behind the 1811, ASA no dhcp, only firewall
    Cisco 1811 Router is, IT dept computer address in advanced tcp/ip, and vmware switches connected to 2024’s
    1811>Dell 2724>N2024 are connected
    All computers plugged into 2724’s, can ping, but cannot ping

    OK …..
    So I have a cable going from the 2724’s to the 2024’s just like Location 1 and can ping router, but cannot ping on same switch 2024). Now if I unplug the cable connecting the 2724 to the 2024, 16.6 still won’t ping, but if I unplug the cable from switch going to the computer, wait for light to go off on switch , plug back in, the 16.6 can ping Now if I plug the cable connecting the 2724 to the 2024 back in, it will still ping. If I unplu plug , then back in, won’t ping.

    I did this 3 times to verify. So I took a regular Linksys 8 port switch, plugged, vlan switches, and the into it, I was able to ping just fine.
    Only thing I could think of was the 1811 somehow causing this problem. So I plugged everything back as was, unplugged 1811 from 2724, unplugged 16.6, plugged 16.6 back in and it could ping But i dont see how the 1811 could be causing this problem.

    Hope I explained clearly, pretty confusing.

    Any thoughts would be great

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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