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    I need help with CAL’s for exchange 2003. we have exchange 2003 enterprise edition installed on Windows 2003 standard server. We have AD 2003 environment. I am told that I need to buy a Windows server CAL and Exchange server CAL for every client that connects to the windows server and exchange server. Is this true? ( all our client systems are windows XP/2000 professional)

    Secondly, I opened the license manager on my windows 2003 server( this is the domain controller…different machine from exchange server) and i see only two options..1) Windows server 2) Microsoft backoffice. I do not see an option where i can pick Windows CAL or Exchane CAL and record the number of licenses.

    I tried calling Microsoft to find out where and how I should record the CAL information and my call got routed through 5 different groups and even after that they are not able to provide me with an answer. I hung up the call as there is not help much I can get from them.

    I would really appreciate if some one can help me understand the process of entering/recording the CAL licenses for windows 2003/exchange 2003?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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