Cached Logins and VPNs

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    I set up a Watchguard (our firewall) VPN for some remote users. The remote users use their domain login to access their laptops then initiate a VPN session with Watchguard software. Recently one of them could not log on to their laptops anymore. After reviewing the event logs I assumed this is a cached login issue. Everytime they log on there isn’t a domain controller available. However no one else has had this problem (including myself and I have logged on from a remote computer dozens of times). How can I have users authenticate with their domain credentials everysingle time without a DC available? When the user does logon to the laptop then connect via the VPN does the workstation and the DC communicate at all (would it reset the cached logins (if that really is the problem))? How does one solve the issue of unavailble DCs yet login to the domain everysingle time? If anyone has any links or whitepapers they could point me to I’d appreciate it. Thanks.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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