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    I have Exch 2003 setup where domain users access OWA internally form local LAN PCs. This is done through a desktop icon as an IE shortcut. As they are domain autenticated users, the link goes straight into their OWA session. This is how its designed to work.
    We require those same people to be able to access OWA externally. For this external access I want to use Forms Based Autentication. If I enable this it works fine but the local LAN access now forces FBA as well.

    Anyone know of an approach to use FBA for external access and integrated autentication of internal access on the same server instance of owa. If the approach needs a second virtual server instance of owa how do I go about setting this up.

    the server is dual homed and the owa server instance is bound to both the internal IP address and the external ip address.

    Any help appriciated

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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