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    Please confirm for me that I need only one certificate.

    I have two sites and each site has one CAS/HT/MBX server. Since both sites will be active. I’ll have users at site1 connect to and users at site2 connect to Both DNS names will be used internally and externally.

    I ran the new cert request wizard on my Exchange server in site1 and I noticed that the New-ExchangeCertificate command included the switch “-Server ‘exCHM1′” (it also has mail and as I indicated in the wizard). What is that switch for? Can I import the cert to exCHM1, then export it and use it on exCHM2 or do I need to buy another cert?

    I called my CA and they were talking about buying one SSL cert and one license. Then they were talking about buying two certs (which is mighty expensive). Finally they tried to tell me that I should use the same IP for internal and external access to mail (and do the same for mail2).


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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