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    Beware if you are a customer of BT fibre Broadband like me you many also get this problem, which I have notified Ofcom. Though Ofcom no longer get involved in helping solving such problems they state they do like to hear of such.

    When I transferred to BT fibre broadband around May this year I have it in writing they promised to be able to provide me with a speed of around 18 Mbps of a maximum of 30 Mbps. I doubt as often the case with servers anyone actually gets the full speed. I did get 18 Mps at first for a few months, but since then my speed has dropped to just over 15 Mbps though I keep my Hub connected on all the time. That is unless there is fault on the line, then I restart the power.

    So I complained by phone and as often the case spoke to an Indian Lady. After persuading her instead of asking me to make various checks such a replacing the extension cable with a new one and only plugging it in the BT master box, which I have often done, she checked my line, speed and the BT Exchange. The result was she could not find any problem, but then made the strange claim BT no longer guaranteed my speed to be any more that 10 Mbps. Could this new dictate have something to do with the wonderful claim by BT to have broadband covering the whole country one day, but again with a guarantee of no more than 10 Mbps?

    Beware since you probably all in UK rely in BT phone lines no matter what server you pay, you may also suffer from the same drop in speed.

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