Broken OWA 2007

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    We are about to migrate from Lotus to exchange 2007 at our company. So i installed 2 exchange 2007 servers on 2 member servers. On server holds the CAS/HUB and the other mailbox server. Installation went fine and the best practicy analyzer shows no errors.

    The problem is when i try to access owa. The graphics are totally gone and just shows empty boxes with red crosses. I have read here and on other forums that iuser accounts may be out of sync, tried that and it doesnt work. I have reinstalled IIS and CAS but no luck. Might it be thats screwed? I have no idea what the problem can be. all web extensions are in place.

    When reading on ms KB´s about IUSr accounts in AD, i dont have any, only the local accounts on my member servers. I assume that is correct?


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