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    Ive been handed a small project to provide remote access to program which runs on our local network. The program itself is a small exe which connects to our database and allows are users to connect and carry out their daily processes. I have a spare server for the terminal server which has 4Gb of ram and two 76Gb disks which are mirrored.

    Other than the server, what is needed with regards to OS/Terminal Software Licenses etc. The solution is to provide access for around 10 concurrent users who are either connected via vpn to the office or over a wan link into the main office.

    I hoping its gonna be as easy as building the server (w2k3) installing Terminal Server, publishing the app and then sticking the shortcut to the app on the users desktop. Im sure its more complex than that but thats were you guys come in (hopefully).


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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