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    As an MCT I need to run “older” virtual machines (Server 2008R2 era) as well as newer ones. It has to be on HyperV.
    There is a “sweet spot” at Windows 8.0/Server 2012 (NOT R2) where both will work. If the hypervisor is newer (thanks, MSFT), you have to import the VMs on Server 2012 HyperV, then export them so they can be imported on 2012R2/2016/Win10 (something to do with a WMI class deleted in the later version).

    My WIn8 laptops are dying on me, so I got a new Lenovo E570 (32Gb RAM, SSD) which comes with Win10 Pro. The internal SSD runs on the “Standard NVM Express Controller” which does not exist on the WIn8 / Server 2012 install media.

    I set up boot from VHD and followed online instructions to add the Win7 x64 files to a Server2008R2 image ( and it installs fine, but the boot fails due to unsigned drivers (sorry, don’t have the exact error message). I was then going to upgrade to 2012. Normally you would F8 on boot and choose the “allow unsigned drivers” option, but (whether it is to do with the dual boot Win10/2008R2, or something else, I cannot get the system to respond to F8 at the OS choice screen, and it is too quick to fail to boot in 2008R2 for me to hit F8

    Has anyone encountered this slightly esoteric issue, and if so, do they have a solution?

    I will try doing a Win7 install and upgrading to Win 8.0, on the assumption the signature issue is to do with Server vs Win7, but I am not holding out too much hope….

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