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    Hello Everybody,

    My scenario – I have a 2003 server that boots from LUN. The storage array is going end of life and the client wants to move it to another lun that has already been mapped to the server. I know I have to go into the Bios for the HBA to tell it which lun to boot from, but is that the only thing I have to do after I have copied the system drive over to the new lun? I’m thinking it might be this easy but wanted to make sure:

    1 – copy current c: drive to o: drive –

    2 – mark the o: drive as acitve partition

    3 – reboot into the hba bios and change the lun to boot from the new o: mapped lun.

    4 – will the server come up on the new drive?

    5 – then can i remove the original drive and have the storage unmapped?

    If this isn’t the right way, please help me on how you would perform this task. Thank you…

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