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    Hello every 1 ,

    I have been searching google for over 6 hours reading all kind of related problems similar to mine but non was the exact same ..

    The problem is with an acer laptop , has only 1 HDD with 2 partitions , when i searched google all i could find was ppl with 2 HDDs each with a different operating system so it was a different problem from mine since i only have 1 HDD and 2 partitions and 1 operating system ..
    And yes i searched the forums and all i could find was also ppl talking about dual boots or 2 HDDs which has nothing to do with my problem .

    Here is what happened , today i wanted to install the windows on my sisters laptop (Acer) and booted from the bootable xp cd then i deleted the C then recreated it and formated it and it was still C which is normal ( i have done the same hundreds of times on different desktops and never had any problems ) , anyway after i formated it and it was still C and everything was okay and installed the windows .

    After the installation was over and the windows was booted i found the the original C became D and the original D became C , means they only switched letters but the size and everything still the same , however the boot files are now in the New C while the windows files are on the New D .
    *keywords for you*
    New C = Original D
    New D = Original C

    Now i want to change the New D back to C and the New C back to D , i know i could do that through registry and i already have tried to do that 3 times ( each time ended up reinstalling the d=windows ) , however the problem is the boot files !! , when i change the New C to Original D and the New D to Original C , the boot files still remains in the Original D which leaves the system with no boot files in the Original C and the windows doesn’t boot after i restart ..

    How can i change the partitions back to their original letters while also moving the boot files from the Original D to the Original C , how can i do that BEFORE restarting in order to apply the changes ??

    Let me rephrase that again , i would like to change the partition letters to their original letters along with moving the boot files to the Original C BEFORE doing the “restart” which follows changing the registry , if you are familiar with the way of changing the partition letters through the registry then you know what iam talking about .

    PS: i don’t have a floppy driver nor an emergency cd , i need a solution that can be made from the windows itself or by using a specific program while operating on the windows itself .
    Oh and yes i have tried coping the boot files from the New C to the New D before doing the “partition letter change registry” restart and it didn’t work .

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