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    I have a little problem with blocking zip files:

    in EAC, under Mail Flow: I created a new Rule, called zip file blocking, Apply rule if The sender is located, outside the org & The recipient is located, Inside the org.
    Do the following: Reject the message with the explanation, blah,blah.
    Priority: 2

    Not that rule above works, blocks all zip files from the outside word.

    I called Microsoft on a Spam issue (ugh) then the tech tried to create a second rule to block zip files from internal, so user to user no dice. well we created the rule but that rule STOPPED all e-mails from the outside all together. We disabled that 2nd rule and e-mail was fine again. Then we modified it, tested both rules and all zip files stopped. But after I hung up a user within my org said he couldn’t e-mail me, so I disabled the 2nd rule again. LOL

    2nd rule looks like so:
    Zip block 2, apply rule if, the sender is located inside the org, and recipient is located inside the org, do the following, reject message with the explanation, priority 3.

    even with Microsoft’s help we can’t get these two rules to work.

    So currently no zip files are allowed from outside my domain which is great, but would really like it to work both ways.

    Exch 2013 all patched up.

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