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    I am totally greenhorn in server OS and HW, never worked with it before, but i will learn it.
    I need to run one specific program for computing, that runs only in Windows (Win 7, Win 10, Win server).
    This program yields from multiple processors/cores/threads.
    My idea is to buy used server from eBay and I am not sure if I need to buy blade server or separate nodes and connect it together, I only need all its cores be accessible from one Windows instance. Lets say I will have blade server with 8 blades, 2 cpus on each blade, each cpu would be 6core xeon, that is 192 threads in total. Then i need to run the program and have all 192 threads available for it.
    My question is, it is even possible with blade and/or nodes? Or will the maximum be 32 threads (that is one blade)?
    I really appreciate any help..

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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