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    I have Server 2012 Essentials installed currently in a VM as my primary DC (no email, it’s hosted), and come to find that it’s not the best, at least for my needs. I find it slow (even though it has even been given the gambit of resources), has various issues (doesn’t play nicely with other apps streaming media) and even running into the very annoying issues with RDP gateway services.

    All in all, I find it slow, klunky, and 2008 R2 seems the way to go for me.

    So I am wondering what the best way of moving back from 2012 to 2008 would be?

    I have a second server running 2008 but it’s a media server and I don’t want to give it other roles than its setup for. I was thinking at this point of installing Server 2008 R2 and prompting it to DC and making it a GC, and then basically transferring DNS and DHCP services over, moving the file share mount in the VM over to it, and then basically just saying goodbye to 2012 by turn it off and removing it from AD all together.

    Is this feasible? My big concern is that the primary system is basically SBS so I don’t want to cause myself any issues and setting up a new internal domain would be a pita at this point.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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