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Basic Cisco PIX and Catalyst VLAN question

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    Hi – I am a longtime visitor, but this is my first forum post.

    This will hopefully be an easy question for some of you – I have seen some good materials that have helped me on Safari and at Cisco…but I am still confused.

    Where I work, we have a PIX 506e….connected to a Catalyst 3548XL switch. We also have a Cisco router, but it is managed so I dont control it.

    My network consists of about 40 Windows XP PC’s…..and I have one Windows 2000 DC….

    I currently have the PIX as the DHCP server.

    Here is my problem/question: I want to split/segment the network up. (My company hosts classes in our facility, and for security reasons I want the students/teachers network and PC’s seperated from ours….) so I would like to create 3 vlans:

    Vlan 1: Our PC’s

    Vlan 2: Student’s and Teachers PC’s

    Vlan 3: Printers (to be shared with Vlan 1 and 2)

    I have tried to create test Vlans….but dont end up getting any connectivity, so I need major help…..

    – Do I need a router for each Vlan? If not, how do I set the gateway for each Vlan?

    – What do I do about DHCP? The PIX, which I am using now for the DHCP server, looks like it is pretty limited as a DHCP server. Do I need to use my Windows 2000 Domain Controller as a DHCP Server? And do I set up a DHCP Relay to each Vlan? Is that how it works?

    – If none of the above is right – if anybody has any suggestions, please feel free to make them – you definately wont hurt my feelings :mrgreen:

    Sorry this is such a long and drawn out question. At home I have a Cisco 871 Router/Switch, and it does Vlans…but since it is integrated it is easy to do all of this…It even lets you set up DHCP pools for each Vlan segment.

    Thanks in advance for your help.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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