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    I have 2 Win2003 servers, serverA is our file server and serverB is setup as a NAS with 4 x TB drives used strictly for backup purposes. Besides remote management serverB is only used for backups. ServerA is multi-homed with one NIC servicing the domain users on a class A 10.x.x.x IP with the default gateway set and “register this connection in DNS” set as well. The other NIC on serverA is using a class C without a default gateway and without the “register this connection in DNS” checked.
    ServerB is also multi-homed the same as serverA.
    We also created entries in each hosts file on the servers pointing to each other. When I open a command prompt and ping the NETBIOS name of serverB from serverA the ping reply shows using the class C NIC which is what I expected.
    However this is what I do not understand, during a backup with Backup Exec 11d when I monitor network performance using Task Manager on serverA it shows both NICs however it shows the Class A NIC as being used for the backup which is not what I want to happen. Is there a bug in the network monitoring on win2003 servers? I have yet to load up a packet monitoring package and start monitoring at that level and I would rather not have to. Has anyone here had the same experience?
    Thanks for the help!

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