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    Hi Everyone,

    Iv’e been tasked with the backup of an Exchange 2003 Enterprise Server installed on Server 2003, using symantec backup exec 10.1, symantec is already installed and running a backup job.

    Looking through the backup job properties I see multiple options/selectable items to back for Exchange 2003, they are:-

    C:Program FilesExchsvr
    E:Program FilesExchsvrMDBDATA”STORAGE GROUP NAME”Priv1.edb etc…..
    Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes (expanding this shows mailboxlist)
    Microsoft Information Store (expanding this shows storage groups)

    Do I need all the options above selected to successfully perform a restore?

    Can I remove the E:Program FilesExchsvrMDBDATA”STORAGE GROUP NAME”Priv1.edb (this file is about 150gb) etc …… option as I have got the Microsoft Information Store option selected?

    This Exchange server has got 3 storage groups each with 1 mailbox store, each mailbox store ranges in size 100 – 250gb, the First Storage Group also contains a small Public Folders DB

    Kind Regards

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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