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    I have a fairly medium biz network. Two AD’s (win serv 12, 2008), one exchange server (serv 2012, exch 2013), one sql server, two web servers, DNS, DHCP, etc. etc. Verizon FIOS (five IP block all in use).

    I have two ISP connections from Verizon, my firewall is a SSG140 from Juniper.

    well a few weeks ago, Verizon Fios & local cable company, had a few mishaps, someone cut the feed to the building and the finger pointing began, so we were down for a day and then again for nearly two days.

    so my supervisor wants to have yet another “solution” to have our network up if/when this happens again.

    He wants to use a “wireless” device from Verizon and connect it to the Network, hmmm, I really can’t see this happening.

    So my question to everyone, is what would be the best solution to have my network up and running when ISP service is completely out?

    thanks in advance.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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