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    Environment is an SBS 2008 server.

    According to the Windows Backup, backups have been completing every day for at least the past week. If I look at any specific backup, it shows a relevant volume of data backed up, to the correct single disk that’s currently attached.

    It shows the most recent backup as being 68GB.

    If I look at the disk itself, it shows about 400GB in use.
    If I mount the disk and browse the folders, it shows only a single WindowsBackup folder, with only the most recent backup data in it. There is a VHD file of approx 300GB in here though.

    If I run ntdsutil snapshot ; list snapshots (

    Then the only snapshots it lists are from the 5th.
    No snapshots found.
    snapshot: list all
    1: 2013/05/05:23:03 {2362ffd1-7c14-457a-a413-dd43723af902}
    2: C: {934d2ecc-14e4-455a-b2d6-c78412969ef8}
    3: D: {46361da3-f0bf-436a-bf36-85904d0c6cbc}

    4: 2013/05/06:03:23 {98c971f5-4f33-4de4-ae63-f4a6ae0ee0cb}
    5: {37b943b2-e322-45ef-a5a0-2330b8b1e2d5}

    so.. i guess my question is – where has the backed up data gone from, say, Friday, and why can’t I restore from it ?

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