Backing up SQL 2008 with MS DPM

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    I’ve been getting this error for weeks now and cannot find a resolution.

    An error pops up every morning regarding that the database auto-protection has failed.
    This doesn’t happen on any other server we have SQL/Messaging/AD.

    “One or more databases could not be protected automatically because auto-protection failed. If the databases belong to a SharePoint farm, then the farm recovery points will continue to get created without these databases. (ID 32511)”

    “1) To fix auto-protection, resolve the errors and run AutoProtectInstances.ps1 from DPM Management Shell.
    2) If the databases belong to a SharePoint farm then go to the Protection tab and run “Modify Protection” for the protection group containing the SharePoint farm. In the wizard, expand the SharePoint front-end web server node on the “Select Group Members” page and complete the wizard. Then run consistency check on the SharePoint farm.”

    The Error details are:

    “DPM could not enumerate SQL Server instances using Windows Management Instrumentation on the protected computer.”

    Recommended Action:

    “Please make sure that Windows Management Instrumentation for SQL server is in a good state.”

    The actual links don’t lead anywhere and Google has given me some good articles to try but nothing solid.

    The MS links don’t work re: the autoprotectinstances.ps1 script you can run to try and re-protect the database but doesn’t work.
    Also tried all sorts of WMI tests from the DPM server to SQL and vice versa.

    I’ve tried removing the agent and re-installing it.

    Funnily enough, rebooting the server works for 1 night, and then fails again the next day.

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks all!

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