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    Greetings All

    I’m back after 8 months! and I really missed the old place :beer:

    Its a long story but involved headcount reduction, redeployment and doing a job I had no interest in what-so-evever (admin line manager!!!!!! :shock: ) *Pause to allow reader to recover from the shock*

    Well Im currently still in this situation but afer working at it for 7 months I have decided I need my IT fix. I’ve tried to ignor the call of the server but I can do it no longer I am at last on the job trail (wish me luck)

    I look forward to posting again and seeing some of the guys and gals who I had come to respect over the past years :bowdown:

    And for any newcomers to this forum reading this:
    After 12 years in IT I only subscribe to two independant forums this is one of them (speaks volumes doesn’t it! ;) )


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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