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    Can anyone help me before I go mad?

    I have a bunch of production servers which were built as part of a proof of concept design by someone. They all have Azure backup enabled. The backups are configured to a Recovery Services Vault with LRS (for cost).

    The service has now gone live and I need to urgently change the backup from LRS to GRS in case we have a disaster in the region where the servers are located. I need the backups out of region to recover from.

    I understand that once the first backup is saved to the vault it disables the ability to change the vault to GRS.
    I have done the following:

    01. Created another recovery vault as GRS in the same resource group within the same region.
    02. Stopped the backup on a test server (backing up to the LRS vault)
    03. Deleted the backup data from the vault on the test server, I now see a message advised that there is a 14 day (soft delete) period.
    04. I have tried to configure the backup on the test server to the new GRS recovery vault but its not available as a server to backup.

    Is this because of the soft delete feature? will I need to wait 14 days before I can move the backup?
    If I do need to wait 14 days can anyone advise how I can move the backups to GRS without having no backup for 14 days?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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