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    Another question : I have 3 domains

    lets say it is this is where my xp client logons to.
    Besides that I have a new domain called michel.grp. This is server 2008 with full AD. Besides that I have michelres.grp that hosts exchange 2007 server.
    There is a one way trust between michelres.grp to michel.grp and there is a two-way trust between michel.grp and

    I installed outlook 2007 on the xp-client. I can access the exchange server at, but everytime I have to give in my password. Of course I can use the “remember my password” option, but due to security I am not allowed to do this. So my username on the is different than my username on the michel.grp and michelres.grp

    Is there a way to have a SSO at the XP client to the exchange server in Those are seperate domains. I’m not allowed to set it up on another way.
    I want to logon to the exchange server without typing my username and password. Is this possible?

    I don’t think it is (maybe i am wrong .. i hope)

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