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    I’m trying to automate a system through excel for sending emails to customers.
    What’s happening at the moment is that information is being manually entered into a spreadsheet for a customer (sales order, purchase order, contact, address etc). Then that customer has to be emailed a copy of sales order acknowledgement PDF, with a generic text body (Thanks you for ordering blah blah)

    What I’d like to do (and I’ve no idea if it’s possible) is to automate this procedure so that, for example, you’d have:

    Customer: Joe Bloggs
    SO: 12345
    PO: 54321
    Email: [email protected]; [email protected]

    If there was some sort of script/macro you could run in Excel to make it take the above details for any customers (all fields under same headings, with multiple emails) and open a generic mail template like:

    Dear [customer name]

    This is a confirmation email relating to your order [SO]


    Also, I have a folder with various sales order acknowledgements PDF’s (all named after the SO eg: SO12345.pdf_ – is there a way to automate attaching this files to said email?

    Is this possible at all?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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