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    Hoping someone can help. I have read many many many articles about Autodiscover and still haven’t found the answer to my query.
    We have Exchange 2003 in a user forest which all users connect to. We have now built Exchange 2010 in a resource forest and have moved a couple of users to it and manually updated the client side MAPI profile for these users.
    I would like to create an SRV record for in the user account forest so that the MAPI profiles are updated automatically after the move. We have 80% Outlook 2007 and above and approx 3000 users.

    My question is – what will happen to the Outlook profiles of the users that are still using Exchange 2003 (haven’t yet been migrated) once the SRV record is put in place? I am happy that my certificates are good and will be supressing the pop-up in Outlook for the redirect KB2480582 So would there be any other issues as a result of adding this record? I know that the Outlook checks Autodiscover every 1 hour, so after the first hour, or when a user closes and re-opens Outlook, will it attempt to find the users mailbox on the 2010 environment and fail, rendering the MAPI profile useless until it is corrected?
    I have all of this set up in test and it doesn’t appear to have a negative impact on exsiting 2003 users. One strange thing I have noticed is that if I create a new MAPI profile for a 2003 user, it uses the Autodiscover record and redirects the user to the correct 2003 server but there is no link between the 2 Exchange Org’s, so not sure how this is working

    Thanks !

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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