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    Hello everyone. I wanted to know if someone can help me out with an issue I am having. In my office, all of the desktops are XP with Office 2003. We still are using Server 2003 and Exchange 03 as well.

    Mailboxes were getting out of hand so we developed a GPO that should archive anything over 6 months. It seems to be working great for some people but not others. However, for the people that it isn’t working for, I don’t notice any errors in their event viewers. This is the current settings I have turned on

    1. Turn on Auto Archive (Enabled)
    2. Run AutoAtchive every days (1)
    3. Prompt before AutoArchive runs (Disabled)
    4. During AutoArchive (blank)
    5. Delete expired items (e-mail folders only) (Disabled)
    6. Archive or delete old items (Enabled)
    7. Show archive folder in the folder list (Disable)
    8. Clean out items older than (6 months)
    9. Permanently delete old items (disabled)

    Is anyone able to give me some insight as to what we may have done wrong? What I can look at to try and fix the issue?

    I saw one person say that archiving looks at the modified date of the folder and not the email item itself or that it doesn’t archive anything unless it is in the Inbox or a sub folder in the Inbox. I don’t know how true any of these are, but is there a way to check the last modified date on the folder?

    So yeah…I’m just looking for general help to try and save space on the exhcnage server. Thank you in advance for all of your help.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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