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    Hi all.

    I’m currently studying for my CCNA and in the process I got my hands on a couple of 2600 routers, specifically a 2620 and 2621. Both of them each have a “1WIC DSU T1” module. I’m trying to set up a mini lab so that I can connect these back to back in order to create an internetwork.

    Now I am a beginner with configuring the IOS so I need some real step by step instructions on how to set these up and how to access the settings in order to get the line speeds, and other parameters configured correctly so that I can ping form one router to the other.

    Ive read forums and posts before regarding setting up the line speed and clock to internal which i have done, but then I read other posts saying that one of the clock speed has to be different: bottom line is I need some step by step instructions on setting up the modules.

    Also, I am using a standard crossover cable between the 2 T1 cards on the routers. is this correct or do I need a special T1 cable?

    I would really appreciate the help on this as I know I’m asking to be bsaically walked through how to set this up.

    I would be really grateful for the help. I can reply with any other info you needed to help me set this up.

    Thanks so much.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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