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    Hi All,

    hXXp: //

    Above you’ll see the situation. Right now i am still not allowed to post pictures, so i’ll post the link.
    I have 2 Lan’s, and 2 DMZ, each network with his own IP Range, and on his own interface connected to my ASA 5520.

    Now, a challenge for me is to add a DMZ 3. The asa 5520 only has 4 interfaces. Those 4 interfaces are all configured with their own IP, which is different as the IP which is supposed for DMZ 3.

    I did some research, and someone told me i Could use static NAT?
    Is it something like this:
    static (inside,outside) Public IP Local IP netmask

    I can’t find a real solution, and i am looking for quit some time now….I hope someone can help me with this issue!

    Thanx in advance!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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