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    We’ve a problem where a Wireless AP assigning one IP’is not working, every other in the range is fine

    On checking the Firewall it seems to be suggesting that the IP is related to one of our servers (which is a VM)

    The DHCP IP is (Wireless laptop)

    The Server it’s referring to is (Ontario)

    Here’s the log entry from the ASA (I’ve underlined the server part) 55059 Citrix-Storefront-Balance 443 Built outbound TCP connection 8052079 for DMZ3:Citrix-Storefront-Balance/443 (Citrix-Storefront-Balance/443) to WDMZ1: (Ontario/55059)

    I’ve checked MACs to see if there was any virtual conflict but cannot any reason for this.

    Any ideas?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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