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    Hi everyone…I havent posted here in a while…I tried posting this in the Cisco Router and Switch forum but it wouldnt let me…if it somehow shows up as a double post, this is the reason why.

    Anyway I have what is probably a simple question for you Cisco gurus.

    I have a Cisco 871 router that I want to set up as a border router with a Cisco ASA 5505 behind it.

    I have a cable modem that gives me a dynamic ip…so the 871’s outside interface will get its ip address via DHCP.

    I would like to have the 871’s inside address as and the ASA’s outside interface as Finally, I would like the ASA’s inside Vlan to be

    Obviously I want the border router to just pass traffic….but I will be putting ingress and egress filters on it. The ASA will do all other security.

    I found an article describing how to do this here:

    It says to do the following: For outbound communication (Internal LAN towards the Internet), do not translate the network on the Cisco ASA. Rather create a static mapping of to itself (will see this below) and configure NAT overload on the Cisco Router for the network

    Does this make sense? Can you do NAT overload (on the border router) for a network that is coming off of the ASA? And what does making a static map of to itself do?

    Are there any other (easier or more logical) ways to do this?

    Anyway thanks in advance for your help…

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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