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    i have a requirement for archiving mail but don’t know how to implement it using exchange server 2003.

    I need to archive all mail received by certain mailboxes, but i don’t need to archive sent mails (or simply forward them to another mailbox). This means ‘Archive all messages sent or received on this store’ option on the mailbox store is not appropriate since it logs too much messages.

    I thought to filter mails somehow on the server, to select which are candidates for logging. I realize that i could probably accomplish this by using filter on the archive mailbox to sort mails on this criteria, but it shows all mails to human operator. (the operator selects appropriate mails to make archival paper copy, and is overwhelmed by the amount of mails if all are included).

    The best idea i have so far is to autoamtically sort the mails in folders in outlook and mark some folders to not show number of unread messages. I was hoping to have exchange side solution for the problem…..


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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