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    Hi Guys,

    I have a strange issue with one laptop (IBM X40 or that series).
    The Suffixes Dissapear after connecting to wireless network.
    I need those suffixes in order to connect to internet, exchange and more local resources.
    I have added 2 screen shots, one that is GOOD, and one that is the situtaion after they are gone.
    I can’t even spread those suffixes as part of DHCP because that option does not exist. we used our HANDS to add those suffixes together with static ip to every workstation, just need to figure why the suffixes are gone on that specific important user. Any idea how to use a script to automaticlly add them? and why they are gone, i know IBM has those utils Access IBM and so..

    Before the problem :


    And after the Suffixes are gone :



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