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    a while ago another deparment(without it endorcement btw) bought quickbooks 2003 pro. it has reached it 14,500 customer limit. i am trying to run the consolidation wizard(an archive tool they built in) and i reciver the following error message.

    Quickbooks detected errors in your data file while verifying it and was unable to correct these errors through an automatic rebuild of dat

    and also this 1

    A data problem prevents Quickbooks from continuing. Rebuild the data from the File Utilities menu

    this happends after the archinving thing runs then i get this error and it rebuilds the database. I check the log file and it say invalide salesman on about every record. I have tried rebuilding the data with no luck, just verify the data by itself give me the same error message. I’m running as domain admin which is also admin locally of course on the machine and admin in quickbooks. the data loads and works fine when say pulling up invoices or whatever its just when i try to archive or do anything with it. doign a new company would be a pain b/c of all the custom templates they have and they also need to do a report at the end of the year that includes the data they have already. any ideas on how to fix?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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